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I'm Megan, wifey to Donald, mama bear to Sophie and Eloise and this is a glimpse into our little life!

I am a twenty-something year old dreamer with a love for fairy-tales, vintage-inspired fashion, peonies and crafting beautiful things. I'm an ENFP, making me a bit of a free spirit which suits me just fine since I can often be found making flower crowns. As a creature of comfort, I consume probably too many lattes, but hello, they are delicious! I also love to bake, which I've inherently passed on to Sophie since she insists on helping every time she hears our apple-green Kitchen Aid begin to whir.

Donald and I began our adventure together as a married couple when I was a fresh 20 year old. Adventure indeed, as we did a bit of travel, Spain, Italy, to name a few. Plus a number of other excursions, exploring our beautiful continent. In that time I worked as a florist, cultivating a passion for fresh flowers and the growing desire to become an entrepreneur myself one day. 

Three years info life as two, we grew into a family of three upon the arrival of Sophie bear. My heart was so full of love for this baby girl who was so content, animated and friendly. As she grew I fell even more in love with her wit, confidence and yes even her sass (the good kind, definitely not the other kind!).
She is my mini in every way right down to the dance moves.

Then arrived Eloise. Beautiful, lovable little Ellie Babe. She was the opposite of Sophie in so many ways as a baby. She was not as content as Sophie and there were a few hiccups in the first three months but now, she is even more of a mamas girl than Sophie has ever been. She gives the best bear hugs and cracks me up with her loud singing and ability to eat 3 times as much as big sis.

We spend our days dressing up, celebrating and decorating for holidays, obsessing over Disney, dancing and having tea parties. And when Donald comes home, the conversation shifts to Star Wars, Harry Potter and other nerdy fun stuff. We love to dance around the house, plan hypothetical trips and spend time with our families.

We are a Catholic family with a love for Christ, for Mass and the Saints. It isn't always easy bringing kids to Mass and not all Saints wear fancy dresses like princesses do, but our little family is constantly discovering new things about the faith that resonates and encourages us to fall in love with Jesus even more. It's a beautiful journey.

This blog is a place for me to share my love of DIY's, fun tidbits that hope to inspire and of course, a documentation of this surreal and lovely chapter in my life. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Megan xox

Photos by LB Artistry

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